BEPETE - Thin film test oven RTFOT EN 12607-1, ASTM D2872
Order no.: BD141000


Thin film test oven RTFOT,
EN 12607-1, ASTM D2872, AASHTO T240;

These ovens are used for measuring the effect of heat and air on a moving film of semi-solid bituminous materials.

The oven is supplied complete with flow meter, ASTM 13C thermometer and 8 heat resistant glass containers (64 mm high x 140 mm diameter).
The oven must be connected to a source of compressed air supplying a minimum pressure of 2 bar. If not available in the laboratory, we recommend ordering a diaphragm pump.

Completely made of stainless steel, inside and outside;
Temperature range: from +50 to +200°C (standard 163°C) ± 0.5°C;
air flow rate: adjustable from 0.1 to 10’000 ml/min;
ASTM 13C thermometer and 8 glass bottles included

External connections:
– USB port for USB pendrive connection for uploading or storage of test profiles (including temperature, flowmeter and rotational speed setpoints, and PID settings).
– Serial port for uploading and downloading of test profiles from a PC remotely

Safety features:
– automatic overtemperature switch
– door switch
– internal lighting
– open door alarm
– alarm when test phase is completed
– magnetothermic switch

External dimensions (WxDxH) : 750 x 750 x 900 mm
Power: 3000 W; 230V/50Hz/1~
Weight: approx. 110 kg

Order Number: BD141000 / EN Version
Order Number: BD141000-5 / ASTM Version

Additional accessories to be ordered separately.


Diaphragm pump for RTOFT furnace
Order number: BD141000-1

Scraper for RTFOT bottle
Order number: BD141000-2

Metal stand for holding/cooling of RTFOT bottles
Order number: BD141000-3

RTFOT bottle tongs
Order number: BD141000-4


Material Stainless steel
Packing unit 1 Piece
Weight approx. 110,0 kg
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