BEPETE-Automatic ring and ball apparatus EN 1427
Order no.: BD100000


Automatic ring and ball apparatus
EN 1427, ASTM D36, AASHTO T53, JIS K 2207, IP 58

Fully automatic softening point determination. The apparatus automatically applies the temperature gradient and detects the specimen position with light barriers, recording the softening point.

7’’ color touchscreen display, with multiple preset and custom testing procedures, allowing realtime display of the temperature / time graph on display or PC (with optional software).

Inbuilt cooling fan, automatically enabled at the end of the test, to reduce the beaker cooling time.

Removable transparent front cover, protecting the operator from accidental hot water or glycerol splashing or accidental contact with the hot beaker and plate.

PT100 probe holder and drip tray for specimen holder, complete with handle, improving beaker positioning operations.

Possibility to perform user-defined tests with maximum temperature up to 250°C.

Order number: BD100000


Packing unit 1 Piece
Weight approx. 16,0 kg
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