Order no.: BD140000


AsphaltQube, modular electro-mechanically operated
asphalt tester with inbuilt IMACS2 controller.
complete with 10kN static / 15kN dynamic EmS
actuator, 20kN load cell, 30mm actuator LVDT,
-20° – +80°C temperature transducer and IMACS.
208-230V / 50-60Hz / 1Ph.
Based on EmS “Electromechanical Servoactuation” technology.
System includes:
10kN static /15kN dynamic Ems “Electromechanical Servoactuation” actuator
Small footprint and compact design
AsphaltQube Frame Assembly
AsphaltQube Front Panel Assembly
Third Generation Integrated Multi Axis Control System (IMACS2 – Hydraulic):
– High speed, (24 bit) digital servo-control, 2 axis (actuator and confining pressure)
– Acquisition and Control – 2 axis control
(actuator and confining pressure),up to 8 channel data-acquisition
(actuator displacement, axial load, confining pressure, temperature and 4x
normalised transducer inputs for displacement, etc
– 24 bit resolution ADC controller.
– Sampling rate up to 200kHz. Simultaneous sampling of all channels.
– Automatic Plug and Play transducer with TEDs Modules, automatically
uploading calibration files and preventing human error
– Gigabit Ethernet for UTS/UTS Neutron interface
– 10/100Mb Ethernet for Internet access, Data share (e.g., Remote Diagnostics, Upgrades)
AsphaltQube Transducer kit, includes:
– 1x AsphaltQube Temperature transducer (-20°C to +80°C) w/ ILC
– 1x AsphaltQube Load cell (20kN) w/ ILC
– 1x AsphaltQube Actuator Built-in LVDT (+/-15mm) w/ ILC
Weight: approx. 250 kg
Environmental chamber required, not included!

Available tests (The accessories must be ordered separately in each case.)

  • Four Point Bend
    – AASHTO T321 – Fatigue (Formerly TP8)
    – AG:PT/T274-15 – Fatigue (Formerly AG:PT/T233, AST 03:2000)
    – ASTM D7460 – Flexural Fatigue
    – EN 12697-24D – Resistance to Fatigue
    – EN 12697-26B – Stiffness
  • Two Point Bend Trapezoidal
    – EN 12697-24A –  Fatigue
    – EN 12697-26A  –  Stiffness/ Complex Modulus
  • Overlay
    – ASTM WK 26816 – Reflective Cracking Test
    – TxDOT Designation: Tex-248-F – Overlay Test
  • Dynamic Modulus E*
    AASHTO T342/TP62 – Dynamic Modulus, AASHTO T378/TP79 –
    Dynamic Modulus E*, Flow Number, Flow Time
  • Uniaxial Fatigue — Unconfined
    – AASHTO TP107 (S-VECD) – Simplified Viscoelastic Continuum Damage
    – EN 12697-26D (DTC-CY) – Direct Tension-Compression
    – EN 12697-26E (DT-CY) – Direct Tension Complex Modulus
    – SCDUF – Simplified Continuum Damage Uniaxial Fatigue
  • Small Diameter
    – Dynamic Modulus E*
    – Uniaxial Fatigue (S-VECD)



Weight approx. 250,0 kg
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