BEPETE-Digitales elektronisches Penetrometer EN 17892-12, EN 17892-6
Order no.: BE104000


Digital liquid limit penetrometer with micrometricvertical adjustment
BS 1377:2, UNE 7377, EN 12697-24 Annex B, DIN 18122, EN 17892-12, EN 17892-6

The cone penetrometer apparatus is used to determine the moisture content at which clay soils pass from a plastic to a liquid state and it is used also for the determination of undrained shear strength.

Order number: BE104000

Order number: BE104001
Digital electronic semi-automatic penetrometer complete with
micrometer vertical adjustment and adjustable electronic timer of the fall time

Order Number:
BE104001-1 Penetration cone 30° tip and 80g of weight
BE104001-3 Penetration sample cup
BE104001-4 Penetration test cone 60° (total weight of the slider assembly is 60 g)



Packing unit 1 Piece
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