BEPETE - AUTOSHEAR EN 17892-10, ASTM D3080, Baustoffprüfgeräte, Laborausstattung, Bodenprüfgeräte
Order no.: BE102000


EN 17892-10, ASTM D3080

direct and residual shear testing;
machine with automatic built-in data acquisition;
220-100 V / 50-60 Hz / 1 PH, weight approx. 60,0 kg;
– user interface 6″ touch screen colour display
and optional PC control via LAN port and dedicated software
– maximum vertical force: 5 kN
– maximum horizontal force: 5 kN
– three analogue channels: one for load cell and
two for displacement transducers
– infinitely variable speed from 0.00001 to 5.00000 mm/min
– high stiffness load chain shear box – shaft – load cell
– sturdy shear box techno-polymeric carriage untouchable by corrosion
– USB pen drive for unlimited storage capacity and TXT format data output
– compatible with shear boxes up to 100 mm diameter or square
– Adjustable test speed and travel (forward andreverse) for residual shear test
– number of cycles adjustable from 1 to 99
– numerical and graphical display of the readings
– specific and independent data recording for consolidation and failure stages
– safety device to prevent overload and overtravel


– 5 kN load cell, complete with adaptors for shear machine; Order number: BE102000-1
– Linear potentiometric transducer, 10mm travel; Order number: BE102000-2
– Linear potentiometric transducer, 25mm travel; Order number: BE102000-3
– Shear box for square specimen 100x100mm, Order number: BE102001
– Sample cutter for square 100 mm samples; Order number: BE102001-1
– Extrusion roller for square samples of 100 mm; Order number: BE102001-2
– Porous plate for samples with a diameter of 50 mm; Order  number: BE102001-3
– Shear box for 60mm dia samples; Order number: BE102001-4
– Sample cutter for square 60 mm samples; Order number: BE102001-5
– Extrusion roller for square samples of 60 mm; Order number BE102001-6
– Direct and residual Shear Geo-Analysis for MS EXCEL Template acc. BS 1377:7


Packing unit 1 Piece
Weight approx. 60,0 kg
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