BEPETE-Hydromette BL Compact B2, moisture measurement, building renovation
Order no.: BT503


Hydromette BL Compact B2

The BL Compact B 2 is an electronic building moisture indicator for non-destructive measurement of moisture in building materials. The measuring device works according to the dielectric constant/high frequency measuring principle.
The versatile spherical probe is used to detect moisture in building materials of all kinds and to identify moisture distribution in walls, ceilings and floors.

  • pocket-sized moisture meter for quick single and serial measurements
  • a limit value can be set individually for each building material; an acoustic warning signal sounds if the limit value is exceeded.
  • scan mode (1 – 199.9 digits) or direct display of moisture values in wt.% or CM-% for building materials, resolution: 0.1 %.
  • characteristic curves for 7 types of building materials
  • min, max and hold function for the measured values
  • automatic calibration when the unit is switched on
  • the unit is supplied complete with 9 V battery and plastic box

Order number: BT503


Packing unit 1 Piece
Weight approx. 0,2 kg
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