Order no.: BS600000
Size: 45cm x 33cm x 18cm (LxWxH)
Weight: 15 kg


Air Jet Sieve Shaker 200N;
digital control;
used for particle separation on dry products from 5 μm bis 4 mm;
max. number of fractions: 1; timer function: 1 to 99 minutes;
slotted and adjustable nozzle: 1 to 100 1/min;
range of sieving 10 μm to 4 mm;
sieving parameters adjustable digitally;
max. height for the sieves to be used: 25 mm or 50 mm;
sieve diameter: 200 mm or 203 mm;
including sieve cover made of methacrylate and hammer;
power: 20 W;
voltage / frequency: 85 to 264 V / 47 to 63 Hz;
range of depression: 0-10 KPa / 0-1’45 psi / 0-100 mbar;
ergonomic design;

optional accessories:
BS600000-1 Industrial vacuum cleaner
BS600000-2 High performance cyclone

suitable sieves:
Air jet sieve Ø 200 mm
Air jet sieve Ø 203 mm

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